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Uze Once Knife

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Prosafe - 01

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Ophthalmic Surgical Knife

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Ophthalmic knife

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We offer Ophthalmic Knives, which are are utilized for cutting as well as dissecting of tissues in the durations of ophthalmic surgery. These are highly appreciated for their exquisite sharpness and longevity. Preset by optimal quality of materials, these have be made with pure titanium, natural diamond and a patented specific blade shaping and cutting technology. Offered products  enable the surgeons to perform a large number of incisions with an individual knife without resharpening. Our optimal quality Ophthalmic Knives make the surgery procedures easy and atraumatic. These come with consistent sharpness and ergonomic design. Ensuring safety and protection, these are featured with new safety elements so as to preclude sharps injuries without compromising with accuracy and quality.

Key Points :

  • Perfect incision construction as well as wound opposition.
  • Consistent sharpness and accurate penetration.
  • Inserted with handles made from titanium alloy.
  • Smooth propulsion, precise blade visibility during surgery.

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